Reunion, Addendum

Fortunately, somebody else knows all the things I don’t!

So I’ll say it here—I have the best cousins in the world! They jump in with help and feedback on any and everything. It’s wonderful, even if it’s them sometimes telling me I made a mistake!

This time, it was Ellen, pointing out the photo of the Riverview Town Hall in the PDF file I footnoted in this week’s blog. I was uncertain, but her dad (who is to the left of my uncle, in the reunion photo) said the photo on page 2 was the Town Hall. I guess the family was posed along a wall towards the back, out of view of the interesting parts of the building! It’s a beautiful building—too bad it’s gone.

Is it terribly important that we know what the building looked like? It was just the background for a group photo. Maybe not, but since the building is gone, all we have left is the collective knowledge we retain and document for posterity. If that isn’t done, that information eventually disappears.

So thanks, Ellen, for filling in “the mostly blue, but with a bit of yellow and red” piece to our family jigsaw puzzle. It wouldn’t be complete without it!

¹Gale, Neil. 2019. “Village Of Riverview, Illinois (Now: Des Plaines, IL)”. Living History Of Illinois And Chicago.,%20Illinois.pdf; p. 2

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